Thanksgiving Catering Los Angeles

Whether you’ll be flying home for Thanksgiving or not, we got you covered! and YES, we are open on Thanksgiving weekend 2023!

Our charcuterie boards and platters are extremely popular for Thanksgiving every year for families to enjoy together! They serve beautifully as convenient finger food appetizers and helps to not contribute to the dirty dishes pile! if you are looking for some last minute and best food options in LA, Luxe Bites is open on Thanksgiving 2023 and we offer same day delivery for boxes for Thanksgiving as the ideal way to show appreciation and grace to your loved ones. The gift delivery is a thoughtful gesture to show your appreciation to those you love! Picture a cozy Thanksgiving charcuterie board filled with chocolate pumpkins and owls, apples, danishes, figs, apricots and all that the new season brings us! 

If you are headed to a Thanksgiving dinner, Luxe Bites can hand-deliver a charcuterie platter for you so that you never show up empty-handed! Our platters will have you become the favourite guest! Customizable to suit everyone’s dietary needs, we can offer non-pork, gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian options so that everyone is able to enjoy Thanksgiving weekend. Our charcuterie boards and celery boards deliveries are also such a stress-free way to enjoy the football game on TV so that you don’t need to worry about the cooking! 

If your family is having a reunion this year and you don’t feel like cooking, don’t hesitate to inquire about our grazing table setups! They are the gracious way for all your loved ones to gather and graze. Our tables, cups and cones are also a great snack idea to bring to a Thanksgiving Parade! Just imagine tiers of artisan cheeses and charcuterie meats, fruits and crudités, breadstick and olive jars, bread and Cracker baskets, and dessert bites artfully designed to cover your dining table. It will be the thanksgiving party to be remembered!