2021: a year of charcuterie!

2021 is almost over (excuse us but when and how has this happened?!) and it has certainly been a year of charcuterie. Don't think we only say it because we’re a charcuterie company. It’s an honest opinion and it’s simply true. Awareness of what charcuterie is and how to create it has increased significantly over this year. Vegan and gluten-free options as well as the ability to customize every order have broken stereotypes that charcuterie is just a simple cheese, ham and grapes board and that there is nothing unusual about it (well, apart from it being originally from France… we all love French, don’t we?). Among many other food trends that have taken over the Internet this year (shoutout to baked feta and tomato pasta from TikTok), charcuterie boards, boxes, grazing tables and more have become one of the most popular choices for gifts, parties, holidays and event catering but have also found a lot of fans who order from companies like Luxe Bites LA every day for brunch, afternoon tea, movie or game nights, and for their kids. The event industry has seen an increased interest in grazing tables, particularly for weddings but also all the other events like corporate parties, product launches, engagement parties and many more. So what’s the phenomenon of charcuterie?
Well, we’ve been thinking and thinking and there is actually plenty of reasons why charcuterie is such a hit these days. First of all, the idea of sharing food at events, eating and chatting at the same time is something people absolutely love. Grazing tables, charcuterie cones and charcuterie cups (all of which you will find in our offer) are a perfect choice for any party. This is because being able to chat while picking up at cheeses, fruits or meats is incredibly convenient for guests at events and weddings- they can walk around with their food, chat with different guests and they don’t necessarily have to sit next to the same people all party long.
Another thing is that charcuterie can be easily customized what works very well for corporate orders as well as when we want to create something more personal. Corporate branding like a logo on the box and ribbon, personalized notes that can be added to every order, thematical decorations like we do for birthdays, engagements, anniversaries… All these things allow us to make every box special.
Another aspect is that it’s easy to create vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or dairy-free charcuterie. The ability to use vegan products or replace meats with additional veggies and fruits is what we love at Luxe Bites LA as it allows us to meet the needs of all our customers. What’s even more important is that at events we can mix regular options with the other ones, for example by creating separate stands for vegan charcuterie cones or dairy-free cups or splitting the grazing table into regular and gluten-free parts. And this is the best part- charcuterie gives us many customization possibilities without losing the idea of charcuterie on the way.
And last but not least… Let’s be honest, charcuterie is just STUNNING. And we all love food that looks beautiful. That’s probably the main reason why it’s taken over Pinterest, TikTok and Instagram. In the park or beach having a picnic, with a glass of wine watching Netflix, at the huge corporate event…. Charcuterie fits any place and occasion, it makes a perfect gift and works as decoration at any event.
Enter 2022 in the best possible way- with a charcuterie box, charcuterie board, enjoying charcuterie cones and cups or a grazing table. Hurry up to order from us for your NYE party. Request now on our website.