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At Luxe Bites, we pride ourselves on not only crafting exquisite charcuterie boards but also offering a range of professional services tailored to meet the unique needs of corporate clients, venues, colleges + universities, and production partners. Our dedication to quality, constant innovation, and customer satisfaction extends beyond our delicious charcuterie trays. It extends to the exceptional and personalized customer service we provide. Whether you're a restaurant looking to elevate your menu with delicious small bites or a venue partner seeking reliable and outsourced catering solutions, our corporate & production catering services have you covered.

Elevate your corporate events in Los Angeles with our exquisite charcuterie delivery and catering services. From boardroom meetings to grand corporate galas, our meticulously crafted charcuterie boards and platters are designed to leave a lasting impression. We understand the importance of impeccable presentation and taste, which is why we source the highest-quality artisanal meats and cheeses to ensure every detail of your event is perfection. With our charcuterie expertise, your corporate gatherings will be a showcase of sophistication and flavor, setting a new standard for corporate event catering in Los Angeles. Discover how we can make your next corporate occasion truly exceptional - contact us today to discuss your customized charcuterie catering experience.

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Our Services

1. Customized PR Gifts & Influencer Packages: Elevate your corporate product launches, business grand opening and corporate events with the best charcuterie boards delivery service in Los Angeles. We specialize in crafting customized PR and influencer packages integrated with our delicious charcuterie boards and platters. We learn every facade of your PR goal to ensure we craft something to suit your brand image and event theme. Impress your clients, partners, and employees with our visually stunning and delectable spreads filled with a heavenly variety of small bites and finger foods.

2. Corporate Gifting and Holiday Gifting: When it comes to the best client, employee appreciation and holiday gifts in Los Angeles, our luxurious charcuterie boxes are a top choice. Our hand-curated charcuterie boxes feature the finest selection of meats and cheese, fresh fruit, jams and dips, olives and accompaniments wrapped beautifully with a red satin bow to resemble a gift. These thoughtfully assembled charcuterie boards offer a taste of luxury that captures the essence of the vibrant Los Angeles culinary scene. A charcuterie delivery is not just a gift; it's an experience of indulgence and sophistication which is perfect for showing your appreciation during the holiday season. Give the best gift in Los Angeles to be sure to leave a lasting impression on your valued clients and dedicated employees.

3. Wholesale & Bulk Orders: As a trusted supplier of premium charcuterie delivery in Southern California, we offer competitive pricing and flexible order options for bulk purchases for your venue or client needs. 

4. Private Labeling: Enhance your brand recognition at your Los Angeles venue by partnering with us for private labeling. We offer comprehensive private labeling solution that allows you to proudly showcase your brand on our exceptional charcuterie products. Create a unique culinary identity that reflects your professional corporate values. Charcuterie boxes are a fantastic addition to concert and movie venues in Los Angeles. They offer attendees a convenient and upscale dining option that complements the overall entertainment experience. These portable yet aesthetically-pleasing boxes provide a diverse selection that allows attendees to enjoy a delightful snack without missing a beat of the performance. The upscale presentation and quality of charcuterie align with the vibrant and diverse culinary scene in Los Angeles and caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Whether as a pre-show appetizer or a post-concert indulgence, charcuterie boxes elevate the overall enjoyment of live music events, outdoor movie theaters and convert venues to enhance the city's reputation as a hub for both culture and cuisine.

5. Production Catering Partnerships: Collaborate with us to streamline your weekly breakfast and lunch catering needs to make your team more productive. Allow us to worry about the logistics so you can work on more efficient measures! We offer breakfast bundle catering for your team as well as delicious lunch delivery options that can be catered last minute and same day in Los Angeles. Give the necessary and efficient fuel of our catering to your team to ensure their productivity and satisfaction. Allow us to always make you look good!

6. Corporate Catering & Events: Ensure that your corporate events, post-lecture receptions, product launches, and company gatherings are memorable with our trusted catering services. Our experienced team can design and deliver charcuterie grazing table, same day charcuterie delivery, and event setups that leave a lasting impression on your guests.

6. Private Jet Catering: Luxe Bites provides unparalleled and last minute private jet catering services in Southern California. We pride ourselves in accommodating to last-minute inflight requests that are delivered straight to your private jet and semi-private flights. We are currently delivering to all of Los Angeles and Orange County airports! Our catering requests deliver to VNY, SNA, SMO, Signature Flight Support LAX and more. Our charcuterie boards as well as fruit and crudite platters are some of the most ordered items for private jets! We also specialize in customization and are open to making this experience perfect for your clients! We offer early morning deliveries as early as 7am for any crew or client breakfast catering needed onboard. From freshly squeezed orange juice and yogurt parfaits to lox bagels and pastry boards, we have you covered from every angle! The visually appealing presentation of these boards adds a touch of luxury to the private jet experience, aligning perfectly with the expectations of those traveling in style. Plus, the easy-to-eat format of small bites and finger foods allows passengers to enjoy a gourmet meal while on board, ensuring that every moment of their journey is a culinary delight.

8. Open House and Broker's Open Catering: Charcuterie is the perfect and most elegant choice for open houses & twilight broker's opens because it combines elegance and practicality seamlessly. These events aim to showcase luxury properties in their best light. The accompaniment of a well-curated charcuterie spread mirrors this attention to detail. The variety of meats, cheeses, fruit and crudite not only delights the palate but also adds a touch of sophistication to the event's ambiance. The delicious small bites of charcuterie boards and displays are easy to serve and allows attendees to graze and mingle effortlessly and fosters a relaxed and social atmosphere that encourages networking and discussions about the property. As a secondary option,  our charcuterie cones and cup display are among the most popular choice for catering at an open house. The individual bite size options make it easy to grab & go with virtually no clean up! In essence, it transforms an ordinary viewing into a memorable experience featuring satiated taste buds. This marks charcuterie an essential addition to any real estate open house or twilight broker's open event in Los Angeles.

Why Choose Luxe Bites for Corporate & Production Catering?

Quality Assurance: Our commitment to excellence in both product and service ensures that you receive the finest charcuterie and professional support.

Innovation: We stay at the forefront of charcuterie trends, offering innovative solutions that align with your corporate goals and customer preferences.

Reliability: With years of experience, we have built a reputation for reliability and consistency in delivering top-notch products and services.

Customization: We understand that every corporate client and production partner has unique requirements. Our services are customizable to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Expert Team: Our team of charcuterie experts and culinary artisans is dedicated to providing personalized service and guidance throughout your journey with us.

Partner with Luxe Bites and experience the synergy of exceptional small bites, charcuterie boards and customized services. We are here to elevate your corporate events and brand image, enhance your culinary offerings, and simplify your production processes. Contact us today to discuss how our Corporate & Production Services can benefit your business.

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