Charcuterie Board Catering in Los Angeles

The eye-catching food display of delectable small bites tiered to graciously fit every occasion and milestone from weddings, birthday, baby showers, graduation, grand opening to corporate celebration, housewarming, memorial service and more. We are excited to work with you to create memories for you and your guests!

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For the best charcuterie board catering with unparalleled customer service in Los Angeles, we are ready to take on the challenge for your next event! At Luxe Bites, we aim to create a lifetime of memories with our stellar and tasty displays for your next dream wedding, corporate event, baby shower, launch party, or open house. We are dedicated to finding the quality solution for all budgets with an array of catering options and are devoted to ensuring a top-tier catering experience.

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Customizable Menu

Tailor your menu of small bites to accommodate dietary restrictions and preferences. We cater to vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, nut-free, and non-pork diets

Stunning Display

Our artistic fresh floral and eucalyptus leaves with faux candles create an unforgettable ambiance for your event. Impress your guests with a picture-perfect display

Custom Branding

Add a unique touch with your custom branding on our charcuterie items with logo stickers, table signs and decor to match the theme. Elevate your special occasion with our branded catering options.

Grazing Tables

Elevate your Los Angeles event with our luxurious charcuterie grazing tables that are fully customizable with sweet and savory small bites.

Perfect for weddings, birthdays, and corporate events, our charcuterie table catering features premium cheeses, charcuterie meats, fresh fruits, and delectable desserts. Enjoy an unforgettable atmosphere with faux candles, fresh floral decor, and gold utensils. Read more...

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Charcuterie Cones & Cups

Choose from our artfully designed charcuterie cups and/or elegant cone displays for a hassle-free catering solution.

Both options offer customizable small bites that cater to dietary restrictions, and are perfect for various events like baby showers, open houses, or VIP events. Inquire about custom branding options to impress your guests further. Read more...

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Platter Addition

If you are looking for a casual drop-off of party trays, we offer a delicious assortment of platters that can be delivered to you ready to eat! Optional setup from $200+ which includes tiers, fresh floral + eucalyptus leaves and faux candles. These platters can be combined with any other options such as the takeaway graze, charcuterie cones and cups.

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Takeaway Graze Board

The queen to our kingdom is our exquisite large charcuterie board called the takeaway graze- the most convenient and cost effective centerpiece for all your special events. This is designed to be a deliverable and portable grazing table that saves $350+ of setup fees from our grazing table but still be able to feed up to 50 per board as a recommended serving size. We do provide optional setup form $200 for fresh floral, leaves and bread baskets if you are looking to elevate your next corporate hour! 

All you need to do is unwrap and enjoy! We have 2 size options: 36x12" is our customer feedback serving size for 30+ guests and our 36x16" is recommended for 50+ guests. If you have more guests, combining a few will create a beautiful table runner centerpiece for your event. This stunning large charcuterie board curated on a large wood board promises to steal the spotlight for any event. Our charcuterie boards an all-in-one sumptuous selection of premium cheese and artisanal charcuterie, fresh fruits, crisp crudité, freshly baked baguette, and a medley of savory crackers. To satisfy every palate, we've added a touch of indulgence with a mix of crunchy nuts and sweet dried fruits, olives, cornichons, jams, savory dips and more. Elevate your gatherings with this ultimate crowd-pleaser and create memorable moments with our large takeaway graze charcuterie board.

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Brunch Grazing Table

Start your day with our exquisite brunch grazing tables featuring delectable small bites of sweet bagels, lox bagels with cream cheese and smoked salmon, freshly baked croissants and scones, seasonal fruit and more.

Energize your guests at early morning corporate meetings and gatherings. Our brunch grazing tables are the centrepiece suitable for the next birthday brunch, grand opening launch, baby shower, or even memorial service.  Read more...

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Dessert Tables

For a sweet touch, our dessert tables offer a stunning and clean alternative to a traditional cake for your next event. We provide the best dessert displays with luxurious tiers of small bites such as tiramisu cups, macaroons, chocolate-covered strawberries, donuts, cake pops & cakesicles, cupcakes and other delightful treats. Custom branding of logos and decor can be available to match the event theme!

Luxe Bites also caters culture-inspired desserts displays such as Middle Eastern desserts tables for weddings, engagement parties, birthdays, baby shower and other Los Angeles event catering. Bring out the deep-rooted traditions of your cultures for your next event to symbolize happiness, joy, love, prosperity and generosity and more. Read more...

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At Luxe Bites, we believe that every moment is an opportunity for celebration and connection. Our charcuterie board catering includes more than just an array of exquisite cheeses, premium meats, and artisan accompaniments; it's a culinary experience that brings people together. Our tailor-made charcuterie boards will delight and impress your guests no matter what event you're honoring or celebrating. Don’t just host an event; elevate it with Luxe Bite’s charcuterie catering in Los Angeles. Contact us today and take the first step toward an unforgettable celebration that your guests will discuss long after the last piece is savored.

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