About what we did for NYE!

Fireworks, champagne glasses and lots of laugh and fun… Oh, how we love New Year’s Eve parties! This year’s NYE was our first one since we launched Luxe Bites LA and it was absolutely amazing. To be honest, we knew we would be busy (seriously, what’s a better choice for house parties and events than charcuterie?)... But our customers, as always, still managed to surprise us with the number of orders for charcuterie boxes, charcuterie cones and cups, platters and grazing tables. Thank you! We’re very happy about how everything worked out.
So what did we do for New Year’s Eve this year?
1. Stunning grazing table in a beautiful, dream kitchen in Hidden Hills
As we like to say at Luxe Bites LA, no party is complete without a grazing table or a charcuterie platter… Especially if the kitchen looks like the one we visited on the last day of 2021! We have to admit, it was simply breathtaking, and it literally just asked us to set up a grazing table full of cheeses, meats, bread and veggies there. Delicious macarons, chocolate and fruits were a perfect addition to cheese and meat boards, and the grazing table was decorated with flowers that added that special sparkle to it. What we especially loved about this kitchen was the lighting, straight above the food, that made everything look even better. Look at the picture below and judge yourself! Doesn’t it look stunning? 
2. Charcuterie boxes decorated with thematic toppers
Apart from the grazing tables, we obviously had a lot of orders for charcuterie boards. Ordered for many smaller or bigger New Year’s Eve parties, for employees as New Year gifts (with personalized notes with wishes attached), for children to have their own portion with milder cheeses and meats while parents share a platter or create their compositions from a grazing table… Charcuterie boxes found a lot of fans this past NYE. They all went out decorated with thematic toppers with “2022” or “Happy New Year” which made them a bit more special.
 3. Charcuterie platters full of cheeses and meats
And… a classic! Charcuterie is usually associated with boards filled with cheeses, meats, grapes, olives, slices of bread… Yes, of course, we did that too! Charcuterie boards are a fantastic way to cater for smaller and bigger parties. Not only do they look stunning… There’s nothing more French than a fresh cheese board, full of beautifully arranged charcuterie. Apart from our regular platters, some orders included vegan charcuterie platters or gluten-free charcuterie boards. Similar to charcuterie boxes, our charcuterie platters were decorated with thematic New Year’s Eve toppers.
Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? Remember that NYE is only the first party of the year… There’s way more to come in 2022 and one of the above charcuteries might be yours for your next house party or event! Celebrate wedding, birthday, engagement, anniversary, product launch or any other occasion with a charcuterie board or grazing table from Luxe Bites LA. Order on our website, Doordash or inquire now via the website or by calling us at (323)- 447- 6382.