Benefits of charcuterie workshops for employees

There are many factors that have an influence on how we like our jobs. Being satisfied with your job is way deeper than simply liking what you’re doing and being good at it. Some people need the ability to learn and develop, some need flexible working hours, and others might want an option to work remotely.
One of the most important, yet underestimated factors that can really affect our perception of work is its environment and our relationship with the employer and other members of the team. A conversation about the importance of team-building activities at and outside of work has been going on for a very long time now. That’s one of the reasons we decided to launch our charcuterie workshops (that will be run both virtually and in-person!).
What are some advantages of organising charcuterie workshops for your team?
1. They get to know each other outside of their office desks
Not everyone is always hanging out with their colleagues after work, especially if your team hasn’t been working together for a long time. Organising workshops that are unrelated to their jobs might really help them in getting to know each other better. Remember, workshops are not necessarily meant to remind them about their jobs and that project they still have to finish when they’re back at the office. Charcuterie workshops are a perfect way to socialize and spend time in a fun way.
2. Our charcuterie workshops are both in-person and virtual 
Do you have your offices across the States what makes it even more difficult to get your team to know each other? Not a problem at all! Charcuterie workshops can be organised both in person, at your office or some other venue, or virtually! Moreover, we offer charcuterie workshop kits that can be delivered nationwide, so your employees will get the full experience.
3. Reduction of stress and increase of work motivation
Don’t we all just need a little break sometimes? Organising fun and interesting workshops is proved to reduce the work-related stress that we often don’t even think about (what makes it even worse because we don’t try to reduce it ourselves). Corporate workshops can also significantly increase work motivation and general satisfaction from work. That is because, honestly, isn’t it just so nice when your employer thinks about his team and wants to get them engaged and relaxed?
What many employers still don’t understand though is that these activities that aim to bond their teams and improve their relationship (what later results in improving its performance and driving results) don’t have to be work-related. Find out yourself by booking our charcuterie workshops with our charcuterie experts for your team today. We offer corporate branding and always listen to your special requests. Contact us today!