Embark on the Iconic Hollywood Sign Hike

One of Los Angeles's most cherished adventures is hiking to the iconic Hollywood Sign. Perched high in the Santa Monica Mountains, this legendary landmark offers not just a close-up view of the world-famous sign but also panoramic vistas of the entire Los Angeles basin. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or simply looking for that perfect Instagram photo, the Hollywood Sign hike is a must-do activity that combines natural beauty, urban sprawl, and cinematic history.

Why Hike to the Hollywood Sign?

Spectacular Views: As you ascend the trails leading to the Hollywood Sign, you are treated to ever-expanding views of Los Angeles, from downtown skyscrapers to the Pacific Ocean on clear days. Each vantage point along the way offers a unique perspective on the city below.

Variety of Trails: There are several trails to choose from, ranging from moderate to challenging, including the Canyon Drive Trail, the Brush Canyon Trail, and the Mt. Hollywood Trail. Each path offers its own unique elements, whether it's a shaded woodland walk or an open ridge-line trek.

Cultural Icon: The Hollywood Sign is more than just letters on a hill; it's a symbol of ambition and glamour. Hiking to the sign provides a physical connection to the dreams and stories that have shaped Hollywood's history.

Accessible Adventure: The hike is a favorite for both locals and visitors because it provides an accessible slice of California's outdoor lifestyle, complete with stunning natural scenery and urban proximity.

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