Wedding Grazing Table: The best wedding decision you will ever make!

Grazing tables at weddings are no longer just a trend… They’re a master centerpiece on the culinary scene, and we don’t think that’s set to change anytime soon!

The delicious catering movement began with a grand food display being served for an elegant wedding cocktail hour or at reception (in lieu of canapes) but has since moved into ‘main fare’ territory, and the edible works-of-art just keep growing in popularity.

Whether you are looking for catering options for your wedding cocktail hour or reception in Los Angeles, our stunning grazing tables are a great choice. Not only do they offer a wide variety of food options to choose from, they also allow guests to come and eat at their own leisure throughout the party.

The bite sized foods allow everyone to grab multiple different things without going overboard. Our grazing tables feature an artfully designed spread with cheeses and charcuterie meats, fruits and crudités, bread and cracker baskets, jams and dips, olive and breadstick jars, dessert tiers and more! We can even customize colors of the fresh floral we use as well as add in options for anyone with dietary restrictions.



Here are some reasons why opting for a grazing table can save on costs:

  1. Self-Service: A grazing table allows guests to serve themselves, eliminating the need for servers to pass around individual appetizers. This reduces the labor cost associated with hiring servers to distribute and collect empty plates or trays.

  2. Minimal Staffing: Setting up a grazing table typically requires only one or two staff members to arrange and replenish the items throughout the event. This contrasts with passed appetizers, which often necessitate additional servers to keep up with the pace of service.

  3. Reduced Tableware: With passed appetizers, each serving typically requires a small plate or napkin. However, with a grazing table, guests can use the same plates or napkins for multiple food items, reducing the overall amount of tableware required.

  4. Simplicity in Presentation: Grazing tables are designed visually appealing, and guests can help themselves to the items they desire. This simplicity in presentation can save on decorative costs compared to intricate passed appetizers that require careful plating all night.

  5. Flexibility in Quantity: A grazing table allows you to provide a wide variety of appetizers in bulk, which can be more cost-effective than preparing individual, labor-intensive passed appetizers.

  6. Reduces Food Waste: With a grazing table, guests can choose the items they want, reducing the likelihood of excess food being left uneaten. In contrast, with passed appetizers, it can be challenging to predict how many pieces each guest will consume, leading to potential food waste.

  7. Relaxed Atmosphere: A grazing table can create a more relaxed and social atmosphere as guests gather around the table, chat, and sample different foods at their own pace.

Ultimately, choosing the right catering option depends on the overall vision for the wedding, the guest experience desired, and the budget available. A well-executed grazing table can be a delightful addition to any wedding, offering a diverse and delectable spread for guests to enjoy.

Contact us today to discuss how we can bring your wedding vision to life with our catering options!