Grazing tables now available!

You have probably seen it on Pinterest or Instagram and thought “Oh wow, this looks just amazing”. Good news. Grazing tables are now available for your event in Los Angeles! What makes grazing tables so special? Unlike typical catering in a form of a buffet, you won’t find any dishes on the grazing table. Instead of that, they will be full of cheese boards, cured meats, grapes, olives and other snacks. This visually appealing and impressive way to cater makes it easy for the guests to pick at all types of finger food that mingle into a perfect composition.

Over the past few years, grazing tables have become an essential part of successful events. Similar to charcuterie boards, they are not only a way of serving food but an art of doing it. Chatting to others over a table full of artfully arranged charcuterie makes every event special.

One of the biggest advantages of having a grazing table at your event is that you can easily meet the needs of all your guests. Having regular, vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free parts of the table allows you to make sure everyone feels welcome and comfortable and improves their event experience.

At Luxe Bites LA, we now offer custom charcuterie grazing table services that meet your guests’ needs. Our team will make sure catering at your event is on the highest level, creating a meaningful experience for everyone invited.