Hey luxe biters!

Hey foodies! It’s Daniel and Cherie—Welcome to Luxe Bites and thank you for visiting our blog!

Have you been searching for a unique gift delivery idea in Los Angeles for your loved ones to make their special day even better? Or perhaps you might be planning for your dream wedding charcuterie grazing table or baby shower goodie box?

We are proud to introduce Luxe Bites to Los Angeles! We curate beautiful and delicious charcuterie, brunch and dessert gift boxes, grazing tables and platters. We pride ourselves on providing only top-notch and personalized customer service and customization to make our client’s vision come to life. Our passion stems from putting a smile on our customer’s faces with our charcuterie arrangements! Our drive behind our brand stems from our love for gourmet food and our acknowledgement of the inevitable bond that food strengthens and unites among loved ones.

Our story began in 2018 with making charcuterie boards for our home dinner parties. Cherie and her sisters enjoyed different wine and cheese pairings and played around with taste testing the cheese, meat and dip combinations! The pandemic forced us to enjoy downtime in the house…And what can be more entertaining than eating till content?! We decided to put our brains together to curate these charcuterie spreads in a way that it can be easily delivered as a surprise! Running down 7 different grocery store isles can be time-consuming… so why not let Luxe Bites take care of the delivery of the readily made charcuterie spread? Thus, as we put our heads together to bring a creative and yummy alternative to sending traditional deliveries like flowers and edible arrangements— Luxe Bites was born!

We put our likeness and differences together to form an amazing partnership as co-founders of Luxe Bites! Daniel hails from an extensive background in IT and Public Relations and Marketing as the Founder and CEO of Royal Rights Inc. Cherie is a former sales director with a huge passion for food and aesthetics. We have combined our talents to bring a fresh and trustworthy food delivery concept to you! Please stay tuned for more announcements, blog recipes, giveaways and more! We have many big things in-store and look forward to delivering our boxes nationwide soon! We love to spread the charcuterie love and look forward to delivering aesthetically pleasing and scrumptious charcuterie gift boxes and platters for all your special occasions to come! Thank you for trusting us with your special day and catering needs!