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There's an undeniable allure in a charcuterie board that's expertly crafted and thoughtfully curated. The harmonious blend of flavors, variety of textures, and the sheer joy of sharing create an experience that's both comforting and lavish. At Luxe Bites, we take this experience a step further by offering you an incredible deal: Save $20 on delivery costs when you spend a minimum of $200 using the code "savedelivery" for charcuterie delivery in Los Angeles and Orange County!

Indulge in Luxe Bites

Luxe Bites is not just a charcuterie company; it's a celebration of cheesy artistry. Our handpicked selection features premium cured meats, artisan cheeses, and an assortment of gourmet accompaniments that elevate any occasion. Every bite is a testament to our commitment to quality and taste.

Delivering Gourmet to Your Door

We believe that indulgence should be as convenient as it is satisfying. Whether you're organizing an elegant soirée, a casual gathering, or simply treating yourself, Luxe Bites ensures that your chosen delights reach you fresh, fast, and flawlessly packaged.

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We're thrilled to announce an exclusive promotion for our loyal clientele. Spend a minimum of $200 on our luxurious charcuterie selections and instantly save $20 on delivery costs by using the code "savedelivery" at checkout.

How to Avail Your Savings

  1. Explore & Choose: Browse through our diverse and delectable range of charcuterie offerings.
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  3. Savings at Checkout: Enter the promo code "savedelivery" and enjoy a $20 reduction in your delivery costs.
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Crafting Memories, One Board at a Time

Luxe Bites is dedicated to making every meal a masterpiece. Our charcuterie boards are not just assortments of food; they are stories told through flavors and textures. With this exclusive promotion, we invite you to create memories without worrying about the costs of delivery.

Limited-Time Offer

This enticing promotion is a limited-time offer so don't delay! Dive into the world of Luxe Bites, create your perfect cheese board, and let us deliver indulgence straight to your door, now more accessible than ever.

Embark on a journey of fine taste and sophistication with Luxe Bites, and remember, a moment savored is a moment well spent.