Introducing a new food trend: it’s Hot Cocoa Charcuterie Season!

If you’re always on top of the latest trends, you might have noticed there’s a new food trend that has appeared recently. It has taken over social media, blogs and food sections of the biggest lifestyle magazines, and is here to stay. We must admit- we understand why. We’re introducing a Hot Cocoa Charcuterie!
Perfect for a cosy night in or a gift, this combination of marshmallows, wafers, chocolate, peppermint-covered chocolate pretzels, cookies and more, will not only satisfy every sweet tooth.  Hot Cocoa Charcuterie is all about bringing the warmest childhood memories to life and, let’s be honest, all of us love it. Not only it tastes absolutely amazing- this artfully arranged charcuterie board will be a perfect birthday or employee appreciation gift they can take home and share with their family.
Hot Cocoa Charcuterie is now available to order on our website. Inquire for an event or corporate orders and branding. In the picture 60 Hot Cocoa Charcuterie boards prepared for Amazon.