Introducing charcuterie workshops!

Luxe Bites LA has been growing very fast since its launch and so has our experience in creating charcuterie and grazing tables. It all started from our passion for creating cheese and meat boards, playing with different types of breads, fruits and vegetables and exploring the best food pairings, but it has become much, much more than that. And don’t get us wrong- it’s not only in terms of developing our charcuterie business. We thought we knew everything about charcuterie when we started Luxe Bites in August 2021 but the truth is we’ve been constantly learning since. The knowledge we gained during this time is something that only people who create charcuterie professionally might gain. We know it might seem easy. Many think the art of charcuterie is only about choosing cheeses and other products and cutting them. We can tell you that in practice, from our experience, preparing a charcuterie is way more than that.
Many of you asked us about it and it’s finally here. We’re over the moon to announce that we’re launching charcuterie classes - both virtual and in-person! We’ve been working on it for a very long time. We’re not going to lie- making sure the workshops are interesting, everything is covered and that we’re able to answer all the questions you might potentially have, was pretty challenging. What really inspired us to finally bring this project to life was a charcuterie demo we did for Netflix for their Holiday House- an interactive event that took place just before Christmas. That day, everything went so smoothly, everyone really enjoyed it and… We have to admit- it was one of the most exciting things we’ve done so far. We immediately thought that was a sign to finally launch our own charcuterie workshops. After putting a lot of time and thought into planning them, now we can proudly say everything is ready!

We will be organising our workshops for individual customers, perfect for family gatherings, parties, bridals, birthdays and many more, as well as for corporate clients. Not only team activities like workshops are a fantastic way to improve team performance, but they’re also a fun way to spend time together and socialize! We’re sure we don’t have to tell you that but keeping your team engaged is crucial to drive business results and grow. And wouldn’t your employees just love having charcuterie workshops organised from work? How cool is that? We also offer kits that can be shipped nationwide if your employees are based in different cities!

There really are many things you might not even think about while creating a charcuterie board. Do you know what board to choose? What products are the best and what might not work very well? Do you know what’s the best and fastest way to cut different foods? How to arrange it all on the board so it looks like art or a pic from Instagram or Pinterest? What goes first, what goes last? All this and more will be covered at our charcuterie workshops. Our charcuterie experts will tell you all you need to know about charcuterie and they will do their best to answer all the questions you might have. All that in a fun, interesting way!

Remember, charcuterie and the art of creating it are way more than you think. Book your charcuterie classes now with Luxe Bites LA. Inquire today on our website.