Los Angeles beach picnics

People love Los Angeles for many things, from its restaurants and bars to parks, theatres, outdoor cinemas, food festivals and other events. It truly is a place to be. One of the things that makes LA and California in general so special is its beaches. We believe that there is no better way to rest than listening to the peaceful sound of the ocean, especially since LA has so many different beaches that there is always somewhere close to you.

With summer around the corner, Los Angeles beaches have become one of the most popular choices while planning dates, engagements, picnics or even bigger events like baby showers, anniversary celebrations or birthday parties. From the most iconic beaches the city has to offer, like Santa Monica Beach, Malibu Beach, Topanga Beach or more touristic Venice Beach, to smaller, more hidden gems like Surfrider Beach and Carbon Beach (also called Billionaire’s Beach which, by the way, isn’t private!), we assure you that LA is literally made for picnics and events at the beach. Silky, white sand, clean water and stunning pink sunsets typical for Los Angeles would make everyone happy.

The tricky part is deciding what food would be the best choice. You don’t want it to get too messy and ideally, be cut and ready to eat as you don’t want to prepare it while laying down at the beach. This is probably why charcuterie works so well for any date, picnic or event at the beach. Not only does it come ready to eat, but it is also fresh and healthier than typical beach snacks like crisps or cookies. Charcuterie is also easy to share so you can just put your box in the middle of the blanket and let everyone pick up different types of finger food. Not to mention that charcuterie is simply beautiful and would add this special something to your beach picnic…

Luxe Bites offers customization for any occasion, starting from birthdays and anniversaries, to baby showers, bridals and graduation celebrations. No matter what your beach picnic is about, we’ll make sure your charcuterie board or charcuterie tray is delivered fresh and beautifully arranged, with thematic toppers if you request them. While ordering on our website, you can choose from different options like vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and many more. Check out our offer on the website for your next beach date, beach picnic or beach event.