Luxe Bites LA for your wedding

Wedding day is this one special, magical day that many of us think about since we’re children. Planning where to organise the event, when to do it, what colour theme to choose, what dress to buy… Then visiting venues, booking everything, inviting all the guests (trying to remember about that one aunt we have never met who’s apparently an important family member)… It is incredibly exciting but we know it can be very stressful and overwhelming too. And as charcuterie experts and caterers, we believe one of the most important parts of every event is, obviously, catering. And don’t get us wrong- catering is not only about food and drinks. It can be also an additional decoration and something that adds meaning to your wedding or engagement party. It is obviously about pleasing guests with good, fresh food artfully arranged on a grazing table but it can be about way more- you as a couple, your memories, your story. We always treat it as our mission to bring your ideas to life and plan your wedding catering from the very first step so you wouldn’t have to worry about it. We did something like that earlier this year, in October, where our grazing table at the wedding wasn’t only about food. It was one of the most magical weddings we’ve ever seen.
Imagine a beautiful, sunny and peaceful day in the South Coast Botanic Garden in warm California. It comes as no surprise that this absolutely stunning, peaceful place is a popular one to organize events and would turn every wedding into something breathtaking. When the bride reached out to us earlier this year, told us she chose this venue for her wedding and that she wanted to use our catering services, we couldn’t be more excited, especially since we love planning and preparing thematical grazing tables for events. We started to plan everything immediately to present our ideas to the couple and their wedding planner.
Their special request was to create a tropical-themed grazing table.
That wasn’t, of course, without a meaning. The bride requested all things exotic because she was from Indonesia in Southeast Asia and this form of a grazing table brought her back to her roots on her special day. Mixing our typical grazing tables products like cheeses, grapes, olives and breads with beautifully cut fruits, including tropical papaya, pineapple, kiwi and watermelon, gave a colourful and very impressive effect and it served as one of the most beautiful event decorations. Guests were able to pick at all types of fresh finger food arranged on a table and create their own compositions.
Have you already started dreaming about how your wedding grazing table would look like? We accept all special requests and we’re here to make your magical wedding day even more special. We treat every wedding grazing table as a project- first, we listen to you, then we plan and present our ideas for you to share your opinion and suggestions. From simple, classic grazing tables full of charcuterie including meats, cheeses, fruits, veggies and breads, to more unusual, themed ones… We love to deliver your vision into reality and, as perfectionists, we always work hard to make sure everything goes as planned.
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