Meet Luxe Bites Co-Founder Daniel Odesanya

A Journey Rooted in the Big Smoke

Born and raised in East Dulwich in South East London, Daniel hails from a British-Nigerian family - the Odesanyas. He attended Goose Green Primary School and The Charter Secondary School and later moved to Dagenham to complete his studies at Sydney Russell. Daniel is a proud alumni of Canterbury Christ Church University where he graduated in Business Studies and Entrepreneurship.

Before diving into the business world, Daniel mastered his skills in IT for six years, a journey that had him engaged in multiple ventures. His entrepreneurial endeavours began at the age of 16 with a computer business founded alongside David Makuni. Although the venture eventually closed due to academic pressures, Daniel went on to establish a handful of successful entertainment companies. In 2013, he dived into the entertainment and music industry, launching Major Life UK and VIP Live and worked directly with artists like French Montana and comedians like Mo Gilligan.

Fast forward to 2019, Daniel transplanted his business skills and ambition to Los Angeles. Before the pandemic disrupted plans, he successfully managed and led a 6,000-ticket concert featuring major artists Lil Baby and Rod Wave.

Pivoting to Gourmet Experiences Amidst a Pandemic

The global pandemic presented a challenge and an opportunity. Unable to proceed with live events, Daniel channelled his energy into the public relations sector. Although short-lived, this venture equipped him with the skills needed for his most successful enterprise yet—Luxe Bites. Founded in 2021 alongside business partner Cherie Chua.

"The entrepreneurial journey is a tough but rewarding one. Starting from my early years in London, I've always had a knack for seeing opportunities and going after them," Daniel shares. "Whether it was building custom computers or setting the stage for some of the world's top artists, each venture taught me something new. But it's with Luxe Bites that I've truly found my calling. I'm immensely proud of what we've achieved in such a short time, but this is just the beginning."

The Era of Luxe Bites

Luxe Bites has rapidly evolved into a million-dollar venture and has collaborated with many notable and global brands like Netflix, Apple, and Rolex, and serving celebrities including Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. But for Daniel and Cherie, Luxe Bites is not just about the food; it’s about creating lifetime experiences and memories around the special occasions. 

"Luxe Bites specialises in celebrating all special occasions with the enjoyment of luxurious charcuterie platters, gift boxes and grazing tables. We don't just sell food, we sell an experience of a lifetime," Daniel emphasises.

Whether it's a wedding in Malibu or a beach picnic in Santa Monica, Luxe Bites has become synonymous with gourmet dining, and caters to special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, and even private jet soirees. As Daniel likes to say, "Just like fine wine, Luxe Bites will only get better with time!"

Bridging Two Worlds Through Culinary Artistry

"Incorporating my British roots into the Luxe Bites experience has been a rewarding endeavor," says Daniel. "The art of charcuterie has European origins, but what we’ve done is blended that with the sunny, laid-back vibes of Los Angeles. This unique mix allows us to offer something truly different. It’s a culinary journey that starts in the comforting familiarity of a British dining table and takes you all the way to a luxurious Californian beachside soirée."

An Industry Disruptor

In less than two years, Luxe Bites has disrupted the food industry by offering Instagram-worthy, hand-curated charcuterie boards for all kinds of special events. The offerings are much more than food; they are an unparalleled culinary experience that ensures each occasion is unforgettable.

With endorsements from celebrities like Willow Smith, Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck, and Wiz Khalifa, Luxe Bites is setting a new standard in the culinary world. The company has also formed partnerships with leading brands, such as Sony, Pretty Little Thing, Hermes, Adidas, EA Sports, Four Seasons, UCLA, L’Oréal, Amazon, and more, solidifying its status as a leader in its sector.

A Community Story

Though based in Los Angeles, Daniel has never forgotten his London roots. As the brand continues to expand, he has expressed a keen interest in bringing Luxe Bites to the community he grew up in, creating local job opportunities.

Luxe Bites isn't solely about business; it's about building a community of food- and experience-lovers. Daniel's vision is to create a legacy that goes beyond the dinner table. "We are in the business of making memories, and we want those memories to reach as many people as possible. That's why we're exploring initiatives that give back to communities including educational programs in entrepreneurship. From London to Los Angeles, it's about making a difference, one bite at a time."