Our corporate clients

Gifts for employees? Company party? Meet our corporate clients.
It comes as no surprise that our biggest orders usually come from corporate clients. As we like to remind you, our charcuterie boards are just perfect for employee appreciation gifts, employee holiday gifts, office charcuterie brunch days, corporate events (along with our stunning and delicious grazing tables), the company’s anniversary and many more work-related occasions. This is not only because charcuterie is simply always a good gift idea. The main reason our charcuterie boxes are so popular among corporate clients is that we offer customization, corporate branding and accept all special requests with every order. Moreover, if the company has their offices outside of California, or if they’re based in many states, they can still use our charcuterie services because we now deliver our boxes nationwide! 

Today we want to tell you a bit more about our corporate clients and their Luxe Bites LA orders (well, especially their Luxe Bites LA orders). We are very proud of how they all worked out and we want to give you an idea and inspire you for your next corporate occasion.

1. Amazon and their Hot Cocoa Charcuterie Boards

When we launched our iconic Hot Cocoa Charcuterie Board some time ago, one of the first orders that came in was for… 60 of them! We must admit that we didn’t expect to sell that many of them so fast, especially without any previous promotion on social media and other channels. That order was for no other company but Amazon Essentials and their employees. The combination of marshmallows, peppermint-covered chocolate pretzels, wafers, cookies and more served as a beautiful and special gift for Amazon employees. Beautifully arranged and packed, all the boards had the Amazon Essentials’ logo as requested. Have a look at the pictures below! Weren’t they just stunning?

P.S. We believe there is no better choice this Christmas for your employee holiday gifts than our Hot Cocoa Charcuterie Board. Let them take their hot chocolate boards home and enjoy with their families while watching Christmas movies these holidays. Add your logo just like Amazon, let us know if you have any special requests, and sort out holiday gifts for your employees today!

2. 188 charcuterie boxes delivered to over 10 states for Battlefield2042 launch

Our biggest corporate order so far was when Ripple Effect Studios at Electronic Arts (EA) ordered 188 Luxe Bites LA charcuterie for their Battlefield2042 global launch. They requested corporate branding: their logo was on every box and we decorated them with a custom-made ribbon with Ripple Effect Studios’ logo on it. They were delivered to over 10 states as appreciation gifts for Ripple Effect Studios’ employees who took part in creating the new version of the game and they all went with a note thanking the team for their hard work.

These charcuterie boxes that you see in the picture above don’t need to be refrigerated until the employees open them, that’s why it’s a perfect choice if your company has offices in multiple locations! They contain prosciutto, gluten-free summer sausage, two types of cheese, delicious artisan crackers, fig jam, dried fruits and chocolate.

3. Friendbuy and customized charcuterie boxes

Similar to the EA order, Friendbuy ordered our charcuterie boxes to be shipped to 27 team members that work for them remotely from different states. They requested corporate branding- all the boxes had their logo on top and they were decorated with blue ribbon. Each box included a step-by-step guide on how to create a charcuterie board using items from the box- artisan crackers, prosciutto, summer sausage, jam, chocolate and dried fruits as well as cheese! The boxes served as holiday gifts for Friendbuy employees. Look at the results of our work below!

4. Charcuterie cones for the W Hotel in Los Angeles

If you follow us on Instagram or Linkedin, you might have noticed there is a new position in our menu: charcuterie cones and charcuterie cups. They are a fantastic way to cater for any event! In opposite to grazing tables, where guests pick foods themselves from one table, charcuterie cones or charcuterie cups are portions of charcuterie prepared for each guest. It makes catering so much easier if there are vegans or people who don’t eat gluten or dairy among your guests! Have a look at charcuterie cones prepared for a Holiday party last week at W Hotel in LA!

5. Platters for team meetings of Pretty LittleThing.com and Calm

What makes every team meeting better? Food! And charcuterie platter is a perfect choice. Some of our corporate clients who ordered our platters for their team meetings at the office are PrettyLittleThing.com and Calm. You can request branding with every order and we deliver fresh straight to your office just in time for your meeting. Have a look at the pic below. Doesn’t it look amazing?

6. Charcuterie boxes for the team at Buck Co

One of the clients who ordered our charcuterie boxes for their team was Buck Co. Delicious composition of cheeses, meats, fresh fruits, breads and spreads is a perfect choice for employee appreciation gifts, company’s anniversary, event, brunch at the office or someone’s birthday.

… and many more. Request now on our website for corporate branding, available with every order. Become our next corporate client and make your team’s day better.