Our development in 2021

Luxe Bites LA launched in August 2021 and we sometimes still can’t believe what our charcuterie business has managed to achieve since. We thought that entering the new year 2022 would be a good opportunity to reflect on our development and success and we would like to summarize it all in a blog post to share what we’re proud of with you- our customers. The truth is that, in the end, everything we learned and accomplished was thanks to you- your feedback and your trust in us and our charcuterie services. Read about how our charcuterie company have been developing and changing from its launch in August 2021 until now!
Cherie and Daniel, the founders and owners of Luxe Bites LA, decided to start their charcuterie business in August 2021 in Los Angeles. The charcuterie company Luxe Bites LA first launched with charcuterie boxes (including regular charcuterie boards and brunch boxes in different sizes) and charcuterie platters in their offer. From selling only via Instagram during the first days, we went through creating a website, to signing with major delivery apps, including Doordash and more, just a few weeks after they started. Cherie and Daniel wanted their charcuterie company to stand out in the market and that’s why they put a lot of effort into making sure the service was as personalized as possible. Accepting all special requests, chatting to clients and listening to their ideas and needs is still the highest priority for Luxe Bites LA. Adding thematic decorations not only for special occasions (like birthdays, anniversaries, engagements etc.) but also for events like Halloween or Thanksgiving was what clients absolutely loved in Luxe Bites LA charcuterie boards.
With many ideas in mind, our team at Luxe Bites LA next decided to launch the grazing tables services, and that was a huge hit. With loads of events happening in Los Angeles, that was probably when Luxe Bites LA started to develop rapidly. From big corporate events to dreamy weddings and engagement parties as well as garden birthdays and baby showers, grazing tables took over all the parties and events in California. Beautiful grazing tables offered by our company were even on KTLA!
Next, after grazing tables, were hot cocoa charcuterie boards that were probably one of the biggest food trends of the 2021 winter season. Covered in the Sunset Magazine, Hot Cocoa Charcuterie offered by Luxe Bites LA is available in 2 versions: regular and vegan!
One of the most crucial moments in Luxe Bites LA development was one of the things owners Daniel and Cherie had been dreaming of since the business launch. It seemed impossible but after putting a lot of thought, finding the right products and planning logistics, Luxe Bites LA finally started to deliver nationwide. Our DIY Charcuterie Box (that doesn’t have to be refrigerated until the customer opens the packaging) was a huge hit for businesses with offices in different states. These charcuterie boxes worked as employee appreciation gifts for product launches (like Ripple Effect Studios and their Battlefield2042 launch), Holiday gifts (like the one we did for Friendbuy’s employers- read more in our Christmas offer blog) and more. What’s certainly important for companies is that we at Luxe Bites LA offer corporate branding. That includes the company’s logo on the box and ribbon as well as personalized notes added to every box.
And out last new in... Looking for an alternative to grazing tables or charcuterie platters, we decided to launch charcuterie cones and charcuterie cups! They work very well for product launches, exhibitions or corporate events.
We’re very proud to say that our corporate customers include huge brands like Netflix (read our blog about Netflix Holiday House), Amazon, Ripple Effect Studios from EA Games, Pretty Little Thing, Calm and many more, bigger and smaller. Apart from individual and corporate clients, we also work closely with event planners across Los Angeles to deliver our grazing table and charcuterie services at weddings, birthday parties, company events, engagement parties and more.
All thanks to you. Thank you for your trust and support in 2021. And cheers to the New Year!