Our new in: charcuterie cups and charcuterie cones!

There is nothing we enjoy more than getting creative and brainstorming new ideas for our charcuterie menu. Finding alternatives to traditional event catering is probably what we enjoy most. That’s because we know there is probably nothing more important at events than food (well, and people, of course, but what makes people happier than good, fresh food served in a beautiful way?). Our charcuterie platters and stunning Luxe Bites LA grazing tables have been part of many Los Angeles events, including weddings, engagement parties, Holiday parties, corporate events, birthdays and more. If you follow us on Instagram (@luxebitesla) or Linkedin, you probably know that our grazing tables even had their future in KTLA (we’re still so proud and excited about it). We’ve recently decided to expand our charcuterie catering services and added two new positions to our menu. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome charcuterie cups and charcuterie cones!
So what goes inside the cup or cone? It’s basically almost the same as the charcuterie we put in our gift boxes but obviously in a smaller portion. Fresh cheeses, meats and fruits are accompanied by cheese sticks and parmesan crisps (that we use instead of baguettes than go in our charcuterie boxes). It looks absolutely stunning and is also easy to eat because all the foods are on the stick.
Our charcuterie cones at Holiday party at W Hotel 
Having charcuterie cones and charcuterie cups at your party, product launch or corporate event has so many that we don’t even know where to start. First of all, if you want to organise a small catering stand at your product launch or shop opening, like the one we did a few days ago for Pomellato (pics below), cones and cups are a perfect choice as each individual has their own portion prepared to take while shopping.
When it comes to catering at corporate events and private parties, charcuterie cones and charcuterie cups are very convenient when some of your guests are vegetarian, vegan, don’t eat gluten or dairy. There’s no easier way to cater for all than preparing separate vegan cups or vegetarian cones and not having to worry that someone will mistakenly pick up a normal cheese or non-vegan bread. Another fantastic advantage of cups and cones is that they’re so easy and quick to set up! And it’s the same with cleaning. Last but not least, charcuterie cups and charcuterie cones are very easy to customize. As always, corporate branding is available with all orders!
So… What are you still waiting for? Charcuterie cups and charcuterie cones are waiting. Request on our website for your next event!