Our summer bestsellers

Summer is in Los Angeles and so are outdoor company parties and product launches, baby showers in parks, bridal showers in gardens, birthday picnics at the beach and more. And as we like to mention, we strongly believe nothing makes an event more successful than top quality, fresh, beautifully arranged food. As our regular customers might have noticed, our regular charcuterie platters, grazing tables, charcuterie cones and charcuterie cups have slightly developed since the summer started. Apart from our regular charcuterie compositions that include cheeses, meats, breads, fresh fruits and delicious veggies, some time ago we extended our offer to be more “summer friendly”. And we must admit- everything that we added is here to stay! Read more about our new offer below.
Seafood charcuterie box
Our absolute bestseller at the moment, the seafood charcuterie box was primarily our little experiment but we totally fell in love with it and so did our customers. This composition of top-quality smoked oysters, shrimps, tuna, baby clams, sardines and more with our regular cheeses, fruits, breads and dips is truly heaven in the mouth! Perfect for seafood lovers and pescatarians, the seafood charcuterie box can now be ordered on our website with delivery or pick up. Have a look at the picture below! Doesn’t it look delicious?
Sandwich platter
One of our new-ins, a sandwich platter, is a perfect choice for lunch company meetings or events in Los Angeles. Our sandwich platters are filled with bite-size deli sandwiches that can be prepared regular, vegetarian, vegan and more. Delivered fresh to your office or your event, sandwich platters go with a variety of crunchy chips that are a perfect addition to soft and creamy sandwich bites. What’s even better is that you don’t need any cutlery as they’re ready to grab and go. In our offer, you will also find lunch boxes with the addition of cheeses, meats and fresh fruits.
Fruit & veggie options
What’s better to serve in summer than fresh vegetables and refreshing juicy fruits? Especially when they’re so beautifully arranged! Our colourful fruit and vegetable platters and cups have been one of the most popular choices this summer. We only use fresh, seasonal fruits to maintain the top quality of our products. Crudite platters and cups are made of fresh vegetables including tomatoes, celery, bell peppers, persian cucumbers and carrots. We believe that the magic behind our crudites lies in dips: vegan tzatziki, spicy hummus and garlic dip. Leave cutting and arranging to us and order your fresh fruit or vegetable platter for your summer event in Los Angeles on our website!
Nothing makes a summer event more enjoyable than good, fresh food. We cater for events, from weddings and corporate parties to bridals, birthdays, anniversaries and baby showers. Please note that all event orders are subject to availability. Make sure to contact us as soon as possible to book catering for your next summer event in Los Angeles! Vegetarian, vegan, pork-free, gluten-free and nut-free options available. Order now on our website or call us at (323)-447-6382