Outdoor cinemas season is back

Who lives in Los Angeles knows that there is always something to do! The city offers so many different events, and activities and has so many wonderful places to go, that sometimes it’s hard to choose between all of them. If we had to pick a few things we like the most in LA, one of them would surely be outdoor cinemas. Watching a movie outdoors with your better half, friends or family is always a good idea, especially in LA with its amazing weather and warm evenings. The wide range of outdoor cinemas the city has to offer, like Cinespia in Hollywood Forever, Rooftop Cinema Clubs, Electric Dusk, The Montalban, Street Food Cinema and way more, makes it very convenient for all LA people as there is always something in your area.
A while ago, we started to deliver our charcuterie boxes to outdoor cinemas across the city. We remember that when the first order with delivery to Street Food Cinema came in, we thought it was an amazing idea and decided to start promoting our products as cinema snacks. It’s hard to find a good alternative to popcorn, fast food and other unhealthy snacks and charcuterie works just perfectly. It’s fresh, everything’s cut and ready to eat (so you don’t need to do anything while watching a movie), you can share it and it’s healthier than other typical outdoor cinema snacks. Our company has become more recognizable in Los Angeles and people order our charcuterie boards to many different places, but we believe that having a charcuterie box while watching a movie outdoors is one of the best ideas so far.
From West Hollywood’s Melrose Rooftop Theatre to Rooftop Cinema Clubs across the city, we’ve delivered hundreds of charcuterie boards to movie lovers in Los Angeles for their dates, nights out with friends or family evenings. We pride ourselves in offering vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, pork-free and dessert charcuterie options, apart from our classic boxes, to always meet all the dietary needs of our customers. No matter if you’re going to watch a movie on your own, with one person or with a group of friends, we’re sure we have the right option for you as you can choose from 4 different sizes while ordering on our website.
So we’re calling all Los Angeles movie lovers! Make the most of your outdoor cinema experience by ordering our delicious, fresh charcuterie board with delivery to your chosen cinema. Resign from unhealthy snacks and replace them with a fresh charcuterie box full of cheeses, meats, fruits, vegetables and nuts. Order now on our website and have it delivered to your favourite outdoor cinema!