Simple table decoration ideas for NYE & wishes from our team.

The new year 2022 is around the corner, and so are all the New Year’s Eve parties and events. We’ve been crazy busy with preparations of all your orders for charcuterie boxes, charcuterie boards and grazing tables (by the way, there is still time to place last orders for tomorrow!) and we guess you might have been busy getting ready and preparing everything too, especially if you’re the one hosting this year’s NYE party. Somewhere in the middle of preparing the house, choosing and ordering catering (like our delicious charcuterie platters, cones, cups or grazing tables) or cooking dishes yourself, choosing the outfit… it’s easy to miss some seemingly irrelevant details that actually might add sparkle to your event. One of these things is table decorations. In today’s blog, we’ll tell you about our favorite last-minute table decorations ideas that are perfect to accompany your charcuterie platter or other food you want to serve at your NYE party (and not only).

1. Christmas lights above the table or in the jars are an amazing and creative alternative to candles

We always buy so many beautiful Christmas lights and we seem to forget they can serve for way more than decorating a Christmas tree. If you have battery-operated lights, jars with Christmas lights inside are a fantastic way to lighten up your table and it’s way more creative than using classic candles like everyone else. If you need to plug your Christmas lights as they’re not battery operated, putting them somewhere above or on top of the table is an amazing decoration too.

2. Confetti made of unused wrapping paper

Do you have some wrapping paper left from Christmas? There is no better way than repurposing it for another homemade table decoration: colourful confetti! All you need is unused wrapping paper and a circle craft punch. Confetti looks especially stunning if it’s made of glitter wrapping paper, but it would work well with any wrapping paper you have.

3. Decorate champagne flutes with glitter or unused Christmas ribbon

Turning classic champagne flutes into something more special would definitely add some sparkle to your New Year’s Eve party. If you have transparent glue and glitter, this way of decorating the bottoms of the glasses will work perfectly. Another idea is to repurpose unused Christmas ribbon to decorate champagne glasses and make the counting a bit more special!

Sooo… Let the counting begin! If you’re out of last-minute table decorations ideas, we hope you’ll find something for yourself here! We know that charcuterie board works as a decoration itself… but it’s always a good idea to add something more to make it a bit more special, especially when it’s that simple!

We want to use this opportunity to thank you for your trust and support in 2021. We are beyond grateful for all our amazing customers and proud of what we’ve managed to achieve this year. Luxe Bites LA launched only a few months ago and we’ve been developing faster than we would’ve ever imagined. All that thanks to you! Thank you again. Our Luxe Bites LA team wishes you a happy New Year, full of joy, health and… charcuterie!