Thanksgiving is just one step away… and so is your holiday grazing table!

We all know Thanksgiving is one of the most important events of the year. We’re pretty sure that many of you would argue it’s actually the most important one. We’ve been celebrating it on and off for almost 250 years, with a proclamation by President George Washington after a request by Congress. We think it's fair to say there is no other tradition like Thanksgiving. Sharing what you’re most thankful for during a day spent with our close ones, chatting over delicious food, watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and catching up on family news sounds like a perfect time. But…
We, the caterers from Luxe Bites LA, know exactly how stressful this period might be for many of you. Preparing the house, making all the food, setting up and decorating the table, making sure guests with allergies or vegans will find plenty of food for themselves… We understand it all can be very overwhelming. And we at Luxe Bites LA believe that Thanksgiving is everything but time to feel stressed or overwhelmed. That’s why we want to help you.
Our grazing tables are an amazing option for your Thanksgiving. Artfully arranged charcuterie made of cheeses, meats, breads, fruits, veggies, sweets and more… This beautiful way to cater makes it easy for the guests to choose from different types of small bites and finger food that make a perfect composition. It looks absolutely stunning and is always delivered fresh to your event. We offer customization, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian and vegan options with every order.
Let us help you these holidays. Inquire on our website for pricing and customisation for your Thanksgiving!