The best Christmas cheese & wine pairings. Luxe Bites LA guide.

It’s this time of the year that we all love so much. Spending time with our loved ones, decorating the Christmas tree, watching Home Alone in pyjamas sitting on a sofa with a cup of hot cocoa in our hand, opening Christmas gifts and… of course, enjoying delicious food and wine that somehow always tastes better during Holidays. Somewhere in the middle of preparing a grazing table for another Holiday party, decorating a platter for a Christmas dinner, and packing employee Holiday charcuterie gift boxes, we came up with the idea of preparing a short and simple Christmas cheese and wine guide for you on our blog. 
As cheese experts, we know that there is nothing that goes better with charcuterie than a glass of wine. But do you actually know how to pair cheeses with wines? If not, open your Luxe Bites charcuterie board and keep reading. We tried to include many different types of wine so we’re pretty sure each and every one of you will find something for themselves!
1. Pinot Noir and Sharp Cheddar or Gruyère
The name of Pinot Noir comes from the French words pine and black. Pinot Noir, dry red wine with intense, spicy red fruit flavors goes very well with aged cheeses or ones that have a bit of a nutty flavor. Our favorite pairing is Pinot Noir with sharp, aged cheddar… It gives a full-on experience of intense taste and we absolutely love it. But if you prefer something less intense, Gruyère cheese with its nutty flavors would be a perfect choice as well.
2. Sauvignon Blanc and Goat Cheese
The combination of Sauvignon Blanc, which is a white, fresh and crisp wine that originates from Bordeaux, and goat cheese is actually one of the most common cheese + wine pairings. Both are known for their subtleness and that’s why they go very well together, especially on a hot day. Quite light and very delicious!
3. Pinot Grigio and mild cheeses
We at Luxe Bites like to call it “a classic”. Many would say that Pinot Grigio is probably the most well-known standard Italian wine but the truth is it is actually originally from France where it’s called Pinot Gris. This dry white wine tastes the best when cooled down and is an ideal choice for a picnic at the beach or in the park or terrace summer brunch. It pairs well with many dishes but when it comes to cheese, our favourite combo is Pinot Grigio + mild cheese like buffalo mozzarella or Baby Swiss.
4. Merlot and Gouda or Brie
Merlot, a red, dry wine made from dark blue grapes, goes very well with most cheeses. Our Luxe Bites favorite to pair with Merlot is Gouda. Their pairing is sensational yet delicate as they share similar acidity levels. If you prefer something less intense though, brie would be a great choice to accompany your glass of Merlot.
 5. Port wine and blue cheese
One of the greatest cheese and wine pairing is Port wine with blue cheese. Port is a wine from Portugal that’s sweeter, heavier and stronger than other red wines because it’s made differently. It’s usually 19-20% alcohol. This delicious ruby wine goes very well with blue cheese because of its sweetness. Our personal favorite is Port + Stilton but Gorgonzola would work just as well.
6. Prosecco and Brie or Camembert
Even though we already mentioned brie to pair with Merlot, we believe there is no better combination than this cheese and bubbles. Creamy, delicate but rich in taste cheeses are just perfect to pair with Italian sparkling white wine- prosecco. And since Brie and Camembert are basically a pair of French cousins, you can choose either of them and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.
7. Rosé and Feta or Halloumi
Did you know that Rosé might actually be the oldest type of wine? Its roots can be traced back to ancient Greece! It comes as no surprise that this delicate pink wine pairs perfectly with Greek feta cheese as well as Halloumi- a cheese from Cyprus that tastes best from a grill. Salty but fresh cheeses are ideal to have with your glass of rosé.
So are you ready to start experimenting? Prepare a glass of your favourite wine, open your Luxe Bites LA charcuterie box full of delicious cheeses and meats and… off you go! Enjoy… We will ;-)