The best gift idea? Charcuterie!

We all love receiving gifts but giving them is often even better, especially when we know that the other person will definitely like them. As you probably know, Luxe Bites LA specializes in charcuterie gift boards that work well for any occasion. When you order your charcuterie on our website, you can always choose an occasion and we create a charcuterie box by adding thematic toppers to it. From birthday gifts, anniversary gifts and gifts for engagements, to moving to a new house gift, gift for graduation or more… We are sure our boxes will cover all the occasions out there. Today’s blog will tell you a bit more about why charcuterie is a perfect gift for any occasion!

It’s original

Flowers, chocolates, wine, a good book… Yes, we all love receiving these things but honestly, don’t we all sometimes think they’re a bit overrated? The charcuterie box is an amazing alternative to all the typical gifts out there. We assure you- the person you’re gifting to certainly hasn’t received as many charcuterie boxes as flowers or chocolates for different occasions. Surprise them!

Delivered straight to their door

Schedule the delivery of charcuterie box for the morning of their birthday to their home, or to their office on the first day of their new job! Make their day more special by having the box delivered straight to their door.

It can be personalized

All our gift boxes come with a note. That makes them more personal to the person you’re gifting. While ordering your charcuterie on our website, simply put your message in the “Message/Card” box and we’ll make sure to include it with the box!

It can be customized

Vegan? Vegetarian? Allergic to nuts? Nothing to worry about! All our charcuterie boxes and platters can be customized to meet all dietary needs. Simply let us know while ordering by ticking the right box.

It’s stunning

All the above reasons are obviously very important but… Come on, don’t tell us charcuterie isn't just stunning? That’s why cheese and meat boards took over social media and became that popular in the first place. Artfully arranged food is something everyone loves, especially when it comes as a gift.

It’s delicious

We at Luxe Bites LA pride ourselves on using the best quality products and preparing everything fresh. Just ask our customers! Our charcuterie boxes are always prepared just before being sent out to make sure they’re as fresh as they can be. All the products you’ll find in our boxes are bought and cut fresh and we only use products of top quality.

These are just a few reasons why charcuterie should be your next gift choice. Thanks to all the options available to tick while placing your order on our website, ordering and customizing have never been that simple! We always listen to your special requests and do our best to meet all your needs so if you have any doubts, drop us a message on the chat and we’ll make sure to reply and help. Make someone’s day a bit more special by ordering our charcuterie gift box today!

(P.S. Our Valentine’s Day edition is available to order now. More about it in the next blog!)