We’re expanding! Nationwide delivery available.

We’re expanding! Nationwide delivery available.
Luxe Bites LA has been expanding rapidly and we honestly couldn’t be more grateful for that. But… There was one piece that was missing, this one thing that we needed in our offer to be fully satisfied about how our charcuterie business is going. We’ve been thinking about it, talking about it and brainstorming about it since the very first day, the day when we started our charcuterie company! You can say it was one of our biggest, if not the biggest business goal (ask our friends or family- they’ve been listening about this every day…). Now it’s finally happening we couldn’t be more excited.
Attention New York! Miami! D.C.! Chicago! Denver, or basically any other city in the US! We’re proud to say that we’ve created something seemingly impossible. Ladies and gentlemen, we present you a charcuterie box that can be delivered nationwide.
We know very well that you, charcuterie experts who read our blog regularly, are now probably thinking about how these fresh, juicy products that arrive to you in our boxes can be possibly delivered nationwide. Even though a traditional charcuterie, originally from France, refers to fresh fruits, vegetables, cheeses, meats and breads, this one is slightly different than our regular charcuterie boards or boxes. “The Dry Charcuterie Box”, because that’s how we called it, is made of two different types of cheese you all love so much, summer sausage that is gluten-free, prosciutto, artisan crackers and delicious fig jam to pair with them, dried fruits and, of course, chocolate. This new, revolutionary charcuterie combination doesn’t have to be refrigerated until you open the packaging, that’s why it is possible to easily deliver it anywhere in the States. Voilà!
So if you‘ve ever thought that it would be a fantastic idea to gift our charcuterie box to someone for their birthday, anniversary, baby shower or any other occasion, but unfortunately they were not LA-based, now it is finally possible. Adding a note with wishes or anything you want to the box is available with all orders. And to everyone who’s not from Los Angeles but follows us on social media and reads our blog: good news- now you can try our product and see yourself how good it is! We’re so excited to get it delivered to you, no matter where you are. Every charcuterie lover should try it.
Since we’ve been getting more and more corporate orders (if you follow us, you have probably seen it- our clients include Amazon, Electronic Arts (EA), W Hotels, PrettyLittleThing.com, Calm and many more), we just want to remind you that charcuterie boxes are an amazing idea for corporate events, new product launches, simple “Charcuterie Day” at the office or employee appreciation gifts, especially that we offer customization, personalised notes and corporate branding with every order, as always. Our boxes not only look stunning and taste amazing- they’re also a fantastic way to brighten up your event or make someone’s day at the office better.
We think that we don’t have to say more. It’s your time to try our product, no matter if you’re based in California, Washington, Texas, Detroit, Florida or somewhere else. Order now on our website and enjoy your Luxe Bites LA charcuterie box delivered to your home, office or event.
See you on the other side of the country!