We were part of the Battlefield2042 launch!

We were part of the Battlefield2042 launch!
Do we have any gamers here? Have you already played the new Battlefield2042 that launched globally on Friday? We couldn’t be prouder to say that we played our small part in this launch. Well, our charcuterie boxes did. And honestly, we’re so happy about how everything worked out.
If you check our Luxe Bites LA blog regularly and you’ve already read our previous blog entry, you know that last week we started to offer nationwide delivery of a “Dry Charcuterie Box”. You can say it’s revolutionary because, unlike traditional fresh charcuterie, this new box doesn’t need to be refrigerated until the customer opens the packaging. In our previous blog entry, we mentioned that it could work perfectly as a gift for someone who’s not based in Los Angeles. We also said that, because we offer corporate branding and customization with every order, our new box would be a fantastic idea for corporate gifts, especially for teams with offices in multiple cities across the US. Today, we’re coming to give you an example of that from last week.
Last Friday, we prepared and sent out 188 Luxe Bites LA charcuterie boxes for the Ripple Effect Studios team at Electronic Arts (EA) for their Battlefield2042 global launch. It was our biggest corporate order so far, especially since it was the first one where boxes went outside of California. Luxe Bites LA charcuterie was delivered to over 10 states as appreciation gifts for Ripple Effect Studios’ employees who worked hard to make the new Battlefield2042 work and be as good as it can.
The charcuterie boxes were made of gluten-free summer sausage, two different types of cheese, prosciutto, delicious artisan crackers, juicy fig jam, chocolate and dried fruits. The Ripple Effect Studios requested corporate branding- we included their logo on top and in the corner of every box and we decorated them with a custom-made ribbon with Ripple Effect Studios’ logo on it. All the charcuterie boxes went with a note that thanked their employees for their hard work and wished them a happy Battlefield2042 game launch day. Have a look at the effects of our work captured in the pictures below.
We are truly so happy about how everything worked out and we couldn’t be more honoured for the trust we got from Ripple Effect Studios. We heard that the team who received the boxes loved them what makes us even prouder.
So why are we telling you all that? Well, first of all, we’re simply proud and we wanted to share it with you! But the most important thing is that we want to give you an idea of how amazing these boxes are for employee appreciation gifts, no matter where they are. Get yourself inspired and order our delicious charcuterie boxes for your team, even if (or especially if) your offices are all over the States. Show them you appreciate their hard work. Customize your order, add your company’s logo on the boxes and ribbon, attach a note to every order. It’s a perfect idea for the next product launch, holiday gifts for your team or the company’s anniversary. As always, we offer nut-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and vegetarian options.