Where all the magic happens… Our new kitchen!

As you can imagine, preparing your Luxe Bites LA charcuterie boxes and charcuterie boards, as well as grazing tables for your events, involves a lot (and when we say a lot, we mean A LOT) of washing, cutting, arranging, decorating and cleaning. Don’t get us wrong- we absolutely love it and it’s like a dream come true for us that we’re able to do it every day for a living. But the thing about working in the food industry is that how you enjoy your work very much depends on the space you work at, the equipment that’s available to you, and its quality as well. Those of you who have ever worked in a restaurant or catering probably know what we’re trying to say. You can say it’s the same as at home- the better the kitchen and the equipment are, the easier and more enjoyable cooking or baking is.
We’re overly excited to say that we’re finally very happy about where we work and prepare charcuterie for you. After a lot of thinking, planning and researching, some time ago we decided to invest in a brand new and very well-equipped kitchen where all the Luxe Bites LA charcuterie magic has been happening since. It’s super spacious (and that is an extremely important detail when it comes to charcuterie and grazing tables), the lighting is very good (have you noticed that the pictures on our Instagram page have been a bit better recently?), it’s easy to clean (thank God for that, honestly!) and it just feels so good to be there and work there. New worktops, new knives, new fridges and sink… Have a look at the pictures below! Isn’t it great?!
We wanted to write this blog not only to show you where your charcuterie and grazing tables are being prepared. The most important thing is that it wouldn’t have been possible without you all, supporting us every day. Every caterer and chef out there would definitely agree that there is nothing more rewarding than having your own space to create, prepare, pack. And we’re so lucky to finally have it. Cutting and packing charcuterie boxes for you while listening to music has never been that great! Even cleaning is so much easier and enjoyable now. So we’re sending a lot of love from our new Luxe Bites LA kitchen and thank you to everyone who supported us on the way and made it possible! We couldn’t be more grateful.
And who knows, maybe this kitchen is just the first one of many more…