Charcuterie Cup and Cone Display

Charcuterie or Dessert Cone Display

If you are looking for an elegant and hassle-free way to celebrate your upcoming party, look no further than our charcuterie cone displays! These cones are our greatest hit for baby showers, weddings, bridal shower, birthday celebrations and corporate event catering in Los Angeles! It has virtually no clean up needed and is most luxurious and instagrammable cocktail hour idea that will be sure to keep your guests satisfied and impressed.

Our charcuterie cones come with 3 types of cheeses, an olive and meat skewer, a fruit skewer, breadstick and cheese sticks, as well as small dessert bites. Our dessert cones are a sweet tooth’s haven with assorted dessert favorites such as macaroons, truffles, brownies, wafer sticks, cookies, chocolate almonds, caramel waffles and more. All our cones can be ordered to cater for dietary restrictions such as vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, nut-free and non-pork. Feel free to blend a mix of charcuterie and dessert cones for your next event in LA! Our cone stand rentals fit 18 or 24 cones. Our team is ready to set up for at your next event with our full set ups with floral, eucalyptus leaves and faux candles to create that dreamy atmosphere for your next party. Our charcuterie cone displays have served as the perfect catering for launch parties, memorial services, open houses, VIP events and more! We can’t wait to work together to make your next event an unforgettable one!

We also offer custom branding of logos on our cones. Please inquire for your next event! Let us take care of you to deliver the catering that will be sure to impress your crowd.

Charcuterie Cup Displays

Another beautiful option for catering at your next LA event is our charcuterie cup displays! At $18 per cup, we offer delicious and artfully designed cups designed as individual portions for your guests to grab and go. We curate charcuterie, fruit, crudite or dessert cups that can be center of attention at your next event! Perfect for open house catering, weddings, bridal showers, corporate meetings and more, these cups can be displayed elegantly on wood tiers and marble stands. We offer full set ups to imitate full grazing table catering setup but with absolutely no clean up needed after the event! Our charcuterie cup displays allows guests to feel comfortable that no one else is touching their food!

Our charcuterie cups come with 3 types of cheeses, a fruit skewer, an olive and meat skewer, breadsticks and cheese sticks, dessert treats, dried fruit and nuts. Our fruit cups serve the freshest fruits in season such as watermelon, cantelope, pineapple, papaya, pomegranate seeds, mango, assorted berries, peaches and more! Our crudités cups feature the market’s freshest vegetables such as carrots, Persian cucumbers, tomatoes, snap peas, baby corn, mini bell peppers and more.

We also offer custom branding of logos on our cups. Please inquire for your next event! Let us take care of you to deliver the catering that will be sure to impress your crowd.