One year of Luxe Bites!

This month, we celebrated our first Luxe Bites anniversary. Our passion for creating charcuterie boards became a business idea at the beginning of 2021 and after putting a lot of thought and planning into it, we launched Luxe Bites in August 2021. We’re sure that every business owner understands how exciting this was. Today, we couldn’t be more grateful. We’ve had a chance to meet many amazing people and work with some of the greatest companies in the USA. We have created charcuterie boards and grazing tables for some incredible LA events, starting from weddings, and birthdays to product launches and corporate events. What we’ve achieved this year is far beyond the expectations we had in 2021. We want to dedicate this blog post to remind some of the greatest things that happened during our first year in business.
Wedding in Santa Monica
The dreamy wedding that we mentioned on our blog a few times was one of the most important events for Luxe Bites. This is not only because the wedding and venue were absolutely incredible but also because this was the first huge, customised grazing table we did for an event in LA. Shortly after that, our Los Angeles grazing tables got a feature on KTLA and became one of the most desired things for events across Los Angeles. That amazing wedding was one of the biggest turning points for our business and almost a year later, we still couldn’t be more grateful for a chance to be part of it.
Hot Cocoa Charcuterie Boards for Amazon
Our signature Hot Cocoa Charcuterie Boards were an absolute bestseller during winter but it was Amazon’s order that we remember until today. 60 Hot Cocoa Charcuterie Boards were prepared and sent out to employees of Amazon in customised corporate packaging. At the time, it was the biggest corporate order we had ever had. Ever since we’ve been getting corporate orders with requested customisation basically all the time. Adding different brands’ logos to our gift charcuterie boxes became an integral part of our business.
Battlefield2042 Launch with Ripple Effect
Back in November 2021, we had a chance to play our small part in the Battlefield2042 launch. Luxe Bites DIY charcuterie boxes were delivered to over 10 states as appreciation gifts for Ripple Effect Studios’ employees who worked hard to make the new Battlefield2042 work and be as good as it can. That week, we started to offer nationwide delivery of our boxes. It was a huge milestone for our team and definitely one of the greatest moments of Luxe Bites.
Netflix Holiday House and our charcuterie board demo
There is nothing better in this world than Christmas time, especially when you get a chance to perform your first charcuterie demo at Netflix Holiday House! This was one of the most valuable experiences we’ve had since launching Luxe Bites. We loved talking about the process of creating charcuterie boards so much that we even launched our own workshops! A huge achievement for Luxe Bites, all inspired by Netflix Holiday House and our charcuterie demo.
The launch of charcuterie cups and charcuterie cones
The idea of adding charcuterie cups and charcuterie cones to our offer was one of the best ones we’ve ever made. It was exactly what people were looking for in Los Angeles. From product launches to corporate parties, our charcuterie cups and cones fast became one of the best-selling products for any event in Los Angeles.
These are only a few things that allowed us to develop so rapidly. And it wouldn’t have been possible without you, our customers! Thank you for all your support during our first year in business. We can’t wait for more to come!