Charcuterie Cone (Single)

Charcuterie Cone (Single)

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Because all good things come in cones! Tasty and elegant - These are delicious small bites are ideal for your next event, corporate meeting, open house and more. Curated to give a bite-size taste of all you can find in a charcuterie board, every cone will consist of 3 types of cheeses, an olive and meat skewer, cheese sticks and rustic bakery breadsticks, fresh fruits, as well as dessert tidbits to end off on a good note! 

Cone stand rentals fit 18 or 24 cones per stand and are available upon request for your event. All ingredients are subjected to availability. Price is per cone.

Our charcuterie and dessert cones are clean, elevated and delicious. If you are working with a crowd that has dietary restrictions, our charcuterie cones and cup options can be labelled for comfort and convenience! If you are looking for a stunning Instagrammable display, you have reached the right team! Please contact us to inquire about event setups.

Presenting our charcuterie cone catering which is the pinnacle of elegance and taste for your special event. These exquisite cheese cones are a culinary sensation that offers a modern twist on the traditional charcuterie experience. Ideal for weddings, corporate gatherings, or any celebration, our charcuterie cones are a delightful blend of convenience and gourmet indulgence.

Each charcuterie cone is a work of art, featuring premium cured meats, artisanal cheeses, and a selection of delectable accompaniments that are all elegantly arranged for a unique and visually stunning presentation. Your guests will be captivated by the stylish and sophisticated way in which these culinary delights are served.

Our charcuterie cone catering service is designed to make your event memorable and hassle-free. These individual charcuterie cones not only showcase the finest flavors but also provide a hygienic and convenient way for guests to enjoy their charcuterie experience without the need for shared platters.

At Luxe Bites, we're passionate about creating extraordinary taste experiences, and our charcuterie cone catering is a testament to that commitment. Elevate your event with the elegance and convenience of our charcuterie cone and make it a gathering to remember. Order now and indulge in the gourmet excellence of charcuterie cone catering